What is Section 4?

Section 4: need to know low down Section 4 is… 1. A legislative regime, under which people whose asylum applications have been refused and those without legal status in the UK must live, pending final determination of their immigration status or removal from the UK. 2. Coercive. People living under Section 4 are banned from […]

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You’re invited!

Announcement: ex-detainee conference 2013 Dear Friends, The Dover Detainee Visitor Group will be holding our annual Ex-Detainee Conference on Wednesday, 5 June 2013 at Amnesty International’s Human Rights Action Centre in London from 13:00 to 16:00. We would like to invite you to attend this much anticipated event. It provides an unrivalled opportunity for visitors […]

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Stop asylum destitution. Email your MP.

To put a stop to asylum destitution DDVG is asking for your help to make the recommendations of the recent Parliamentary Inquiry into Asylum Support for Children and Young People happen. Email your MP. The Inquiry’s findings outlined the shocking levels of poverty and destitution among asylum-seeking children, young people and their families. It has prompted the following Early Day Motion. This […]

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Media Round Up

28 Jan – 1 Feb 2013 Asylum destitution in the UK hit the headlines this week, following a Parliamentary Inquiry and report by the Children’s Society into Section 4 Support – the regime asylum seekers are forced into, banned as they are from working or accessing mainstream support. Here’s the round up of what caught […]

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UK leaves its asylum seekers ‘destitute, scared and hungry’

The findings of the Parliamentary Inquiry into Asylum Support for Children and Young People, published today, resonates with caseworkers supporting asylum seekers who are released from immigration detention – into destitution. CHRISTINE OLIVER, EX-DETAINEE PROJECT MANAGER AT DDVG. The Ex-Detainee Project welcomes the findings and recommendations of the Parliamentary Inquiry, particularly the recommendations that: The […]

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