Stop asylum destitution. Email your MP.

To put a stop to asylum destitution DDVG is asking for your help to make the recommendations of the recent Parliamentary Inquiry into Asylum Support for Children and Young People happen. Email your MP.

Detained in the UK

The Inquiry’s findings outlined the shocking levels of poverty and destitution among asylum-seeking children, young people and their families. It has prompted the following Early Day Motion.

This House believes

“…Britain can rightly be proud of its history of welcoming those fleeing persecution and war; welcomes the cross-party parliamentary report on asylum support for children and families; notes with concern the finding of that report that current asylum support levels are leaving up to 10,000 children destitute or in severe poverty; further believes that section 4 support rates are especially austere and that cashless payments impose damaging restrictions on how families buy essential items; further notes that asylum support rates have not been increased since April 2011; regrets that the previous Government broke the historic link between support rates for asylum seekers and income support; calls on the Government to increase asylum support rates so that they are at least equal to 70 per cent of income support and to up-rate support rates annually; and further calls on the Government to abolish section 4 support and implement a single cash-based support system”.

Why email your MP

If implemented, these recommendations will change people’s quality of life in real terms, by going some way to addressing the poverty, destitution and inequality of the current system. This is a rare opportunity to effect a positive change. We would therefore encourage you to contact your Member of Parliament, to ask him/her to support the Inquiry’s findings, join the debate, and sign the Early Day Motion.

What next?

1. You can find out who your MP is and his/her contact details here.

2. You can then send him/her an email with the subject title: “Westminster Hall debate on children, 27 February”. Explain your personal reasons for writing. For more information on child poverty because of the current asylum support system, read our blog posts on asylum destitution.


Feel free to use this sample email to get you started.

“Dear ______________

The report of the Parliamentary Inquiry into Asylum Support for Children and Young People was published in January 2013 and will be discussed in a Westminster Hall debate at 9.30am on Wednesday 27 February. For the full report:

I would appreciate it if you would consider supporting the Inquiry’s work by speaking at the Westminster Hall debate and endorsing the recommendations of the Parliamentary Inquiry and by signing Early Day Motion No.1019 which calls on the Government to implement recommendations from the Inquiry. For the full text:

Many thanks in advance for your support.

___________________Your name
___________________Your address”

Detained in the UK
DDVG is a member of Still Human Still Here, working to end destitution of asylum seekers.

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