Samphire Film – ‘Voices After Detention’

‘Voices After Detention’ is an exciting new short film by Samphire made in collaboration with Bamidele, Hamed and Colonel who have all spent time in immigration detention. The film highlights the negative impact of detention on the lives of people detained. Debating detention Tomorrow (10 September) parliament will debate the inquiry report into the impact and […]


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Visitor’s perspective: Respect British tradition of inclusiveness

Margaret, a former visitor at DDVG, thinks that immigration detention conflicts with Britain’s traditions of inclusion in the community I became a DDVG volunteer around seven years ago because I felt that immigration detainees had a raw deal. I think that the UK’s tradition of inclusion in the community does not fit with imprisoning those […]

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Human Rights are for you

For Blog Action Day 2013 be selfish and demand your human rights, writes DDVG caseworker, Fraser. Human rights have been in the news recently and, not for the first time, they have taken a battering. The UK Home Secretary Theresa May announced in September that the Conservative Party plans to scap the Human Rights Act, […]

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Going home is simple…

…you just think of home and tap your heels. Or, why the UK government’s go home campaign doesn’t check out. To paraphrase Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, or the UK government – we forget which – ‘Is life here hard? Going home is simple’. Setting aside for the moment how offensive – or criminally […]

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Casework insights: no one wins

Removing immigrants impoverishes Britain’s culture, writes Fraser Paterson, DDVG’s new caseworker I am a new caseworker at DDVG and now that I am in my second week of work I thought I’d share my first impressions after a few meetings with detainees in Dover. Unexpectedly, my first thought has been what our current immigration system […]

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